What happen with Artificial Intelligence?

hello guys i really like the option that my bot response to questions from viewers, but i don’t have the 8ball anymore… this feature comeback and a way to translate the responses?.

And another question, its a way like a tag for display my current time?, i have some viewers with different time zones and i wat to display whats my current time in my time zone.

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This option is available on our old panel via this link: https://wizebot.tv/panel/?p=bot_configuration_principale

For the tag, no tag at the moment can do this, but we will think to add it! :wink:

How it works? i have a Custom name bot and im trying to activate the response when im nameit e.g. What up _____ ? but i only get 1 response from him and then nothing.
im already activate the option via the old panel.
And its a way to translate o customize the responses of the bot?

The customization should happen as soon as these options are integrated on the new panel.

Do you have any sample sentences (Question / Answer) that you think are not good?

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