Song Request Wont play

Hello Team,
My song request player seems to have recently stopped working and i am unable to play song anymore. I can queue them up, delete them and even watch them on youtube but for some reason i cannot start the songs that are queued. I have tried two different browsers and have wiped the cache on both.

Appreciate the support!

Try to display the video via the player options (via the notched wheel icon).
From there, watch what is displayed on the YouTube player.

It is very likely that YouTube will display an error

Actually using the video link seems to be the only way it plays. Works fine when I watch it via YouTube when I click the link on the player

Have you activated the player display? :slight_smile:

(Player with video)

(Not the click on the YouTube link on the shortcut)

Ahh okay in that case I get an error occurred . Please try again later message

I have found the issue. Was my kaspersky antivirus was blocking some sort of tracking that YouTube uses. Thanks for the help!

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