Simplify the process: single command for !rank !level !myaccount !account

Hi! I would like to combine Level/Rank, Uptime, virtual currency information in the same command to make it more objective when a user searches for information!

for example, he could put the !me and all this would appear for him

I know that the information can be obtained by the !rank/!level !myaccount !account individually, but I really want to simplify the process and I couldn’t find the corresponding tags and commands to use it all in 1 single command.

In the command I would like to show the level number, the custom rank name, the time spent in the week (and in the month), number of messages, the total balance of the virtual currency and its position in the top virtual currency

Please help me, thanks


I think you should post it there:


Sorry for the long response time.

You can retrieve some information from the viewer via the advanced TAG’s and include it in one command.

TAG’S are available here: Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA

You have several categories (Top and bottom of the page).

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