Shoutout command with streamdeck

when I use !so after someone raids it doesnt do anything.

my trigger is [!so] [@username]

this is what my text says: [Visit $twitch(url,$arg(1,0,1),1) to follow @$twitch(display_name,$arg(1)) They last played $twitch(game_name,$arg(1)).

Guess question is in chat do i need to do !so @username?

What im trying to do is use streamdeck to have a text button where I can do !so from the streamdeck.

You can use the following TAG in the command:


This TAG returns the last “raider”, which allows you to adapt the command so that the SO is displayed for this last one.

[Visit $twitch(url,$(last_raid_user_name),1) to follow @$twitch(display_name,$(last_raid_user_name)) They last played $twitch(game_name,$(last_raid_user_name)).

For example, you can create a !so_raid command and then program this command on your streamdeck.

would $(last_raid_user_name) be the trigger aliases?

No, it’s impossible :slight_smile:

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