One command with several actions

I want to create a !so command that sends a classical shoutout chat message including a link to the channel and also triggers a twitch “/shoutout” for that user. How can I do that?

You have the TAG:


dere011 = Viewer name (which you can replace with $args(1)).

This launches a Twitch shoutout.


thank you for your answer. I guess I didn’t word that well.
I want to use the TAG to start ‘/shoutout dere011’ and also a simple text message incl. the link to the channel (e.g. “Please follow dere011 on ”) in a single command named !so.

You can use the tag on simple text, example :

:purple_heart: Visit $twitch(url,$arg(1,0,1),1) to discover $twitch(display_name,$arg(1)) who last played on $twitch(game_name,$arg(1))! $twitch_action(shoutout,$arg(1))

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