!run not working (no one can join)


I wanted to reactivate !run in my stream. I added an alias command, which starts the game. This is fine. Texts are fine also. I know from the previous texts, that the command to interact is (or shall) be !shoot. I also made an alias. But neither the shoot nor the alias command is joining the game after its started.

  • Games are offline available too
  • They are NOT deactivated
  • Yes i test with a user who starts and a user who wants to join since the same user who started cant join
  • The “advanced” docs for game creation are a joke, its just about currency :wink: It would be very helpful if you list all commands for each game and how you can start and join them, with parameters. Or just put them at the game page.

It seems like the !shoot command is not there anymore. Can you tell me what command it is?

If the person launching a game (with multiple commands), it’s normal that they can’t play their own game.

If you had read my post carefully you would see “Yes i test with a user who starts and a user who wants to join since the same user who started cant join”. So NO i do NOT test with the same user starting and joining…

Also pleaaaase make a real documentation for the games. There is literally no deatiled doc about any game you have.


So what is the status? Are you ignoring bugs here? I tested everything like in the docs. If you take 2 mins and test it yourself you will see its not working. I meanwhole wrote a bot with an entire currency and minigame myself. And it works… Its a shame you are taking money and ignore bugs and your community that way. When i have reprogrammed the rest i will cancel my subscription, this is ridiculous.

We don’t ignore “bugs”, but :

  • This is a community forum, so processing takes a little longer.
  • Your problem is very specific, and you’re the only one to have it, so it takes a little “time” to identify the problem.
  • The holiday season and the beginning of the year slowed down the overall processing of requests.
  • It’s also a very busy period, and you’re not alone in these requests.

Concerning your “problem”, it is identified:

You think that the !shoot command is unique, whereas the !shoot command is dynamic: depending on the difficulty, the system modifies the command in the text to add difficulty (mainly maths (!shoot3 + 5)).

The simple command is therefore non-functional, and the game page has now been updated to highlight this “specificity”. The word " !shoot " must therefore be in the start text (we’ll see how to enable editing to adapt to different languages).

As far as documentation is concerned, the command list contains the game startup commands, while the rest of the instructions are always present in the game texts. And also on the configuration pages of the games themselves. So there’s no need for additional documentation, as it would just be repeating the same things.

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i dont really care anymore. you answered 27 days before with something which looks like “i have not read it”. your dev recommended something i already told you i have done. testing with 2 users. i already canceled. dont even answer in the first place. i could live with that. but at first telling me something i already tested the correct way (and explicitly told you!) and then after telling you this “ignoring” me for 4 weeks, yeah it looks shit. also this would not happen maybe if you had real documentation. like already said i dont care anymore