Run game (duck) is not working to me :(

Hey, first of all, Id like to say sorry for my English. I may make some mistakes.

Since yesterday I’ve been trying to configure a couple of games (the one of the duck and the one of the bomb), but they are not working. I assume I need to add some extra commands or tags in the “start” section. However, I’ve been looking for some help and I have not found anything. Some games do work, like the gamble one, as you only need to type !gamble and the bot automatically says if you’ve lost or won and adds or removes the proper amount of coins. In the case of the games mentioned, I type !run or !plant in my chat, then the bot tells you need to type !shoot or !cut + a color, and that’s what I do, but the game doesn’t go on, and I don’t know how to solve it. I’d really appreciate some help.

I’m going to post some pics, hopefully they’ll help. The text is written in Spanish, but I guess that’s not a problem.

Pannel: h.ttps://
Chat: h.ttps://

(delete the dot after the first h)

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First, the person who starts the game can not participate afterwards.

Then, the tag “remove_or_exit” blocks the display of any message if the person does not have the defined amount.

Then you have to check that the option “Offline Games” is activated and that the games are not deactivated.

Finally, games like “Duel” are not usable off live.

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