RCON / Telnet server

After sending a single command, which the server gets, rcon says its “in error” and won’t send anymore until I turn it off and turn it back on again.

Repeated several times with same results.

Do the commands run well on the server?

What type of rcon is it?

What is the name of your channel? :slight_smile:

It was Age of Conan, and the command showed in the console of the server, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean it was working.

Username is Grishord but all related efforts were deleted out of frustration.

Can we have a way to force rcon to stay on even if a command fails if that’s what was happening? When streaming if one command happens to not work I’d rather it not turn off the rcon connection.

The automatic deactivation is temporarily disabled, can you tell me if it is better on your side? :slight_smile:

The Conan doesn’t auto disconnect now! Is it possible to leave it like this for me?

You now have an option to “Automatic deactivation” for your case on the server in question :slight_smile:


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