Offline Mode for testing commands

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of things that require you to “Go Live” before you can use them. It would be nice if we didn’t have to be live to test our new commands, sounds, advanced integration commands, etc. Is this something we could expect in the future? Perhaps I’m going about trying to test things the wrong way? Any thoughts and suggestions would be great! Thx!

Offline mode is reserved to premium users.
You can buy your license on your account.

Enjoy !

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There is no concept of global “Offline” mode on WizeBot.

For commands with virtual currency, you have an option in “Advanced configurations” for “Off-live” use:

Other systems generally have a similar option when an action is only available live.

For advanced integrations (Games), go to the documentation, you have additional options (Parameters) which allows the use off-live and without check of the game.

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But for notification for exemple, if you want to enable “On LIVE & OFF Live” you need to have a premium account no ?

Thanks everyone for the help. I was over looking the Notifications Window on the dashboard. Once I found that it all made sense! Thanks again!

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