Moving donate bits to my PayPal Account

Hi I just attached my PayPal account to my wizebot and i saw that I have alot of bitties that were donated to me however I cannot find how to transfer these from wizebot to my PayPal please help! The only thing I saw on the donations page was “purge donations” but what does that mean I need to know how to receive the donated bits please if anyone knows this let me know

Please don’t quote me on the specifics, but I believe Twitch is who should pay you for the bits, but you will have to look through the associate agreement for specifics. When I first was accepted as a Twitch Affiliate, I believe I had to earn $100 in bits first, then I received a payout at the end of the next monthly period. I remember it wasn’t until my 3rd month of streaming that I received my first payout for bits, and the payout came to the bank account that I set up with Twitch specifically. Things could have changed since when I started received compensation for bits, and I know that I am not 100% on the specifics around that first payment. I believe PayPal donations should go directly to your paypal account, directly from the person donating. However, “bits” are controlled by Twitch.

Hopefully, someone who knows the details better than I will respond, but I wanted to share what little I knew, until someone with a better understanding of those details replies to your post.

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