Level leaderboard statistics

I have Rank system: Level system. I want to find out once a week / month how the level (and the number of experience points received, taking into account the decrease) changes in my viewers. how can this be done? without changing the ranking system

Can you give me a little more precision? :slight_smile:

for example, a follower today is level 5 and 400 xp, in a week he is level 7 and 600 xp. I need to know how much xp a follower earned in a week. I need this for a giveaway. the follower wins the item, and will get it in a week if he gets enough xp for that week, if not, then he will not get the item. now this can only be done by manually storing the numbers and comparing them. it would be convenient if you could just press a button and see how much xp and how much the level of followers increased over a certain period, for example, a week.

Impossible for the moment, this kind of addition would require a lot of material resources to store the information of all the channels.

Maybe one day with an update of the level system we will add an equivalent.

May be you could make button for download level, rank, xp, currency to excel at the moment?

You could once a week download the complete data of all and then compare it with the next one.


Thank you! This is what I need!

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