Having Trouble with Rank-/Level System

Hey :slight_smile:
I just got any Issues with the Rank-/Level System since yesterday. New Viewer get no XP-Points for Rank-/Level-System anymore! There is the Possibility to show 500 Spectators on the Leaderboard-Display, but why they don’t get more Points? What i could do to make it work?

Only active Viewer, who write something in the Chat are be able to get XP-Points. You generate 20XP Points per Minute - 31XP is the 2nd Level, my new Viewer have written more than a half Hour, but don’t ascend?

PS: My English Knowledge isn’t so good, cause i’m a german Guy. I hope you understand and get a quick Answer :slight_smile: Thanks!

Can you provide me the name of your channel?

We will check what is going on! :slight_smile:

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