How to have 2 commands pointing to a same response

I know some other bots call this “Alias” but I have looked into Aliases in Wizebot and they are for a different thing.

My question is, how can I have a new command pointing to answer the same as an existing command.

Lets say I have a command !alert

I want to add an “Alias” !buzz <same response as !alert>

Thanks in advance.

I think the whole command section of the documentation needs a rework, as I don’t see any command edit option neither. (Unless there is no edit option?)

Aliases can be defined as:

!cmd add !cmd1,!cmd2 test

Separated by a “,” as on the panel.

There is no editing command because adding a command overwrites the existing command (if it exists).


Or you use the Control Panel.
Just as the command you can use “!alert,!buzz” in the “command field” and there you go.

No space between the commands, just separated by “,”

KR Sam :slight_smile:

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Well I tried this and “While it’s working” kinda… It’s not really working. I can’t edit the command (re-adding it) and get it to override what I just created, it just keeps sending back the first response I set for it.

The only way I can edit the command is by using
!cmd add !this,!that TEST NEW

While that works it’s not the best of the workflows as a moderator it would make it almost impossible to edit a command unless we know all the aliases associated with it.
I know this is probably way easier for the streamer itself from the Panel, but for moderators we need a better way to work around this.

It would be way easier to have a “Parent” command like !this Blah, blah, blah and then we can maybe create a “Child”? that responses the same as the parent (Notice I’m not calling it Aliases as you already use Alias for something different) This way we could do !cmd child !that !this So now !that is a Child of !this and whenever we change !this then !that will response back the right answer.

Back to the screenshot, it’s also confusing that the bot responds to:

!cmd add !that TEST2

With Command !that created successfully (By American2050 ). And then when I try !that it keeps responding TEST and not TEST2 - This is when having add been the same as “Edit” becomes confusing. Imagine the case where you actually want to add a new command and not edit one (Maybe you don’t know a command already exists) having it says “Command xxx already exists” would be way better.

Well, I’m already making this post way too long, hope you can take a look at making this a bit better and fix the problem where I can’t edit any of the commands that are “Aliased” together unless I do again the command chain like at the moment of creating them.

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