Protection "Spam messages" not working

Hello there!
I love the wizebot, but the new “Spam messages” protections does not seem to work. I want to timeout users when they spam e.g. 10 messages in 30 seconds, but nothing happens. If I set the action to “warn”, an error appears:

These are my settings:

What am I doing wrong?

The warning option should now be available :slight_smile:

Many thanks!
Is the problem with the system itself also fixed? Because with “Timeout” or “delete” (or every other action) as action it also does not work.

Can you provide me with the name of your channel?

We will check it out!

In the last few streams, we had a couple of spammer in the chat.

I no longer notice any error messages on your account.

Do you still get them on actions?
If yes, can you tell me which ones ? :slight_smile:

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