Fishing game and Bomb game

If it’s about fishing, why does the bot show that someone caught a fish that weighs zero kilos?
"halynazgazowni :fish: m4nie33k właśnie złowił(a) szczupaka 0Kg. "

What kind of fish is a fish that weighs nothing? If there is any way to prevent this notification from appearing, please let me know how to fix it.

and the thing with Bomb Game is that when someone plants a bomb, it should count down for some time and then it explodes, not that it just sits there without any reaction, you could add, for example, that if no one defuses the bomb, the chat is turned off for everyone for a certain period of time by the streamer

It’s a game, not reality :smiley: Let’s say the fish is under 1Kg

To avoid having a “0”, in your $random tags set the first argument to “1”:


This will avoid 0.

We avoid this kind of thing, to avoid unnecessary spam, and especially the general timeout is impossible/complicated with Twitch limits and restrictions.

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