!fine command: Get all text after 2nd argument

Hi all! I switched to Wize.Bot yesterday and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. I switched from StreamElements and there’s one custom command I can’t seem to ‘translate’ to Wize.bot.

In SE we used a !fine command, like so:
!fine @username for being Pepega
The bot would reply with:
!POLICE @username gets a €[randomnumber] fine for being Pepega [2 random emotes]

This works because in SE I can do this to my command:
!POLICE ${user.name} gets a €${random.1-100} fine ${2:} ${random.emote} ${random.emote}

The ${2:} part means it grabs every argument from 2. Is this possible with Wize.Bot?

You can use this :slight_smile:

$(display_name) gets a €$random(1,100) fine $arg(2) $random_string(Kappa,Keepo,LUL) $random_string(Kappa,Keepo,LUL)

Thank you for your reply. I’ve tried this before and the arg2 outputs the word for and nothing else. The difference here is that with StreamElements I can do this ${2:}, where the : means "output all arguments starting from arg2, but that doesn’t seem to be working with Wize.Bot. The random emotes are not the issue here, sorry :slight_smile:

Your code outputs as follows:

StreamElements code outputs as follows:

Does my explanation makes it clear what I mean? I hope I explained it correctly.

You can test this new TAG, make your tests and tell me :wink: !

$(display_name) gets a €$random(1,100) fine $args(2:) $random_string(Kappa,Keepo,LUL) $random_string(Kappa,Keepo,LUL)

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BRO WHAT REALLY? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I’ll report righ back in 2 minutes!

Doesn’t seem to parse (yet?) I noticed that changes in commands take some time to get picked up by your infrastructure so I’ll wait till tomorrow.
current output right in chat:

It was necessary to wait for the propagation of this new TAG.
You should be able to use it now.

To know :
$args(2:) is usable.
$args(:2) is usable.
$args(2:4) is usable.

Starting from

:ballot_box_with_check: Truly legendary work my man, thank you so much!
It works perfectly now:

//EDIT I am aware this screenshot shows the username twice, but I bet I need $arg(3:) for that. I’ll fix that, thanks again.

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