Need help with a specific command for virtual currency please

I’m trying to find out how to give some virtual currency to my currently active chatters/ viewers.

I’ve tried the following examples:
!c add chat xamount
!c add viewers xamount
etc … and nothing works.

It works when i do !c add all xamount - but then it adds currency to everyone on my list whether active or not.

Is there anywhere in the documentation I can find this information?
I’ve looked but can’t find anything like this ; only for individual viewers. (adding currency one by one is not an option.)

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.


If you go here: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA then choose “Attributions” this will allow the bot to do this exact thing automatically.

Hope this helps!

Doesn’t really help but thank you WaveShredder :slight_smile:
I already have the automatic attribution in place. This is for extra rewarding to chat only.

The thing is … I’d like to reward people that come to my stream as soon as I start streaming by giving them currency. In other words, only people that are currently in chat.
I also give chat extra currency when i get raided etc. (again only those that are actually there at the time).

The currency is used for the Wizebot 7 Days to die integration so it is very sought after by my community.
Giving currency to ALL; defeats the purpose of rewarding them for showing up early etc.

I may have to start using another bot for this function which would be a shame starting all over again.
That is … IF I can even use an external currency with the wizebot integration service.(?)
That I don’t know…

!c add all 1000

Gives 1000 to the viewers present in the Chat and not to all registered accounts.

Thank you - that is the command I already use. :slight_smile:
I could have sworn it gave points to those not in chat as well - they seemed to have SO many on their accounts.
I will check again.
Thank you for the reply :smiley:

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