Documentation issues wrt TAGs


While setting up commands, I noticed issues in the documentation wrt TAGs that I would like to report/discuss.

$(sub_total_points) and $(sub_count) have identical description. Both describe total number of subscribers, I believe $(sub_total_points) should get a new one to number of subscription points. Can’t confirm command works as intended because all my subs are T1/Prime, so $(sub_total_points) is identical to $(sub_count) in this situation. With any T2/T3 sub, it shouldn’t be. Can’t confirm if that is the case.

Under advanced tags, the $twitch(data_name,user_name) tag could use descriptions for the data_name options. I can confirm that there is a data_name missing in the documentation, game_name is not mentioned but it does exist and works (revealed by the “Promote (shoutout) a channel” quick add template).

I hope there is also a data_name for the stream title of the person I want to promote.

Many thanks,

The points are data that we get from Twitch, unfortunately we can’t do much if the value is not the right one.
On your dashboard, the value is also different for both?

Concerning the twitch TAG, we have updated the documentation and the “title” argument is available :slight_smile:

that’s true, this is why sub points are different than subscribers. The sub points is what unlocks new emote slots, not the sub count.

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