Question regarding twitch_action advanced tag usage

When creating a command for execution in the SCREEN overlay, there’s the option to active and use advanced tags (“TAGS ON” option).

Activating the “TAGS ON” option allows you to use the advanced TAGs of the service, the use of these TAGs requires replacing “$” by “$@” (Ex: $@(display_name)) in your code.

In our command, we want to perform a twitch action. Usually we would call it via $twitch_action(...);. Applying the hint, we replaced $ with $@, but the command still isn’t invoked. Here’s our script outline:

$(document).ready(function() {
    function playVideo() {
        $@twitch_action(emote_mod, on); // does not seem to work

    setTimeout(playVideo, 1000);
    setTimeout(function() {
        $@twitch_action(emote_mod, off); // does not seem to work
    }, 41000);

Any clue what could be missing?

TAGS can only be used in the SCREEN overlay to retrieve data.

var my_var = '$@(nick)';

We’ll think about what’s possible to implement to execute commands (Instead of tags) in the SCREEN overlay, I’ll come back to this post as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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