Custom XP assignment

hey guys!
I have a question, it’s a way to assign custom XP points to a user in the chat similar to the currency (!c add amount) I want to regard some user for differents actions into my stream with XP points instead of currency.

It’s this possible?
If not, I wat to suggest this in the future this will help me a lot for I want archive in my stream.

Thanks a lot for the support and making better this awesome bot.

No, there isn’t. Here is a list of the commands associated with the level system

I can’t find a source, but I have it in my head that the dev’s are opposed to such a command because they want level to be a reflection of activity in the channel. ie, no short cuts cause you bought the GM a Mnt Dew.

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That’s exactly it, it’s impossible to assign experience via commands.

We are opposed to this idea, because we want to keep at least a system based on safe ranks.

OK, it makes sense and its perfect. Thanks for the response.

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