Currency sign with Emote Twitch

Hey guys, i have a very big issue with Wizebot ! I want to add a little emote (change the sign of my currency) and they say "Abbreviation for your virtual currency.
You can use a letter, a Twitch emoticon or even an emoji (:moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: :game_die:). ". Well i created my own emote on twitch, i followed wizebot, i bought a prenium account …

Still a can’t change the sign … Here some some screenshots :

, when i put the emote “kappa” in ithat works, but the code of my emote doesn’t …

Thanks for helping me, i reaally don’t know what to do …

Btw i deleted emoji that could create problems with emots on twitch (but it still doesn’t work)

I already saw a streamer doing it : here what i wanted to do : (with my own currency of course) : croco

I believe the problem is because the “WizeBot” Twitch user is not subscribed to your channel, so messages from WizeBot cannot use your subscriber emotes. Since the default Twitch emotes are available to everyone, messages from WizeBot can include the default Twitch emotes, but those will likely be the only emotes that can be used in messages from WizeBot. This is similar to other bots that use a separate bot account, but in that situation, the streamer can pay to have their bot account subscribe to their channel. In the example you provided, it appears that the streamer is using a bot that uses their own bot Twitch account (TicrocoEnterprise, not WizeBot), and the streamer likely has to pay for a subscription to their channel for their bot account. Even when using your own bot account with other bot apps, to get all the emotes for the bot account will cost the streamer $24.99/month. However, I am not aware of any way for streamers to give WizeBot a subscription, but I would be curious if the streamer could “gift” a subscription for their channel to WizeBot. I don’t know, but it could work?

Does anyone else know for sure if it works to gift a subscription to WizeBot?

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SO if i understand what you are saying, besides the 5$ a month a need to pay 25$ only to show my own emote ? isnt it ridiculous ?

and do u know how he did for the ranking numbers (#16) ?

use the custom name on your account to change the bot to your account, that way you can use yours emotes. :slight_smile:

Already did, not working

Hey :wave: @xamirkhx ,
nice to see you here :sunny: and thank you for your Question! :memo:

I hope I understand your problem correctly. Please write me if it works like this.

  • Your bot needs its own account.
    Then your bot has to subscribe to you!
    Your emotes can only be subscriber. Twitch arranged it that way!
    In the photo, the bot is not a subscriber.
    As far as I know, it’s no different, until Twitch extends this for bots!
  1. First you need a second twitch account

  2. Connect the second account to the bot → WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

  3. Go back to Twitch and log in with your second account

  4. Look for you in Twitch and click on subscribe

  5. Now the bot can do the emotes

Twitch did not unlock the option that bots have emotes from anyone

Sry, for my bad English :guernsey:. I am from Germany! :de:
Hope I could help you :blush: . If there are any Questions :thinking:, just type :writing_hand: them.
Greetings :vulcan:
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Thanks i solve my first prob :smiley:

DO you know how i can display the ranking (#16 in the photos) ?

You can Display the Ranking on the other Wizebot Website (Thats my Panda279TV streaming)

Or you make !top in the Chat. Everyone can look at which place he is → !account

But i don’t see what you mean with #16 in the photos?

Humm ! I want it on the chat. If a viewer press !account he will se how many currency he has. But what i want is when you !account you get the message "i have 50 gold and i am the 16th best compared to others who get the currency.

SOrry for my bad english hope you get it

And when i press !top, he only redirect me on an other page :confused:

My english is not good too: D

I do not know if it works!

You can customize all the texts here = WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

There you have to search !account and !level and you can adjust these two!

I’ve got something prepared for you :wink:

Currently you have #count# #currency_signe# in your account. :trophy: Rank: ##rank# :rocket: Level: #level# (#current_xp#/#next_xp# XP).

It was really harder to find, search and try. :smiley:

Hope I could help <3

Well step by step we will solve this prob xD

Nice idea to search here. I made my own research and i found the command !account. " #viewer_name# Vous avez #count# #currency_signe# sur votre compte. "

I tried to add “level” or “rank” at the end but none of them is working. I don’t know how we could had the rank of the viewer.

Thanks fo your help panda !

Yes you are right, there seems to be a lock somewhere!

That’s why a developer has to take a look of it!

I’ll keep this up!

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I got that!

Generally “# #” tags are not reusable in other texts.

For the LEVEL system, specific tags are available:

Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA (Bottom> Level)

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