Problem with Currency Command

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I have no idea how to enter this command correctly in the chat to show the amount of my currency?

I tried in different ways and nothing happens?
For example, like this:

! account /! # Zombiki #
! account / Machlak
! account / # Zombiki #

I have no idea how to correctly enter it correctly ???
Please help me.

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The command !#Currency_name# works only if you have chosen a Name for the chat as the currency. Also !Account is enough! You can change the name of the currency here. I have even made an extra picture for you:

For example:
For me, the currency is called !Bambus, every time someone writes !Bambus the command works. It might take a while to get everything right.

Here all commands from Wizebot WizeBot - A Twitch Service

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Well, unfortunately, but it does not work with me, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Unless I, as a streamer, can not use this command? Or it does not work in offline mode?

Hello :slight_smile:

Just try in lowercase: !zombiki

Not everything was clear, I had it turned off as you can see on the screen above: D

But I do not know what is going on because I’m not charged in any currency, what was checked by someone, everyone has 0 ??? And now I do not know if it’s a bug or something?

This comes from the configuration you have defined.
The set of assignments are zero in your configuration: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

Ok thx very much. Everything is works now :wink:


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