Command !clip no longer works

for a few days now I have the “!clip” command which no longer works.
Once the command has been placed in the chat, the bot tells me that the clip is being created but no link is displayed in the chat as well as on my overlay.
On the Wizebot site, when I click on “display test”, on my overlay it displays the little twitch ghost with the mark “the clip is no longer available”
I tested to disconnect my wizebot account, disconnect the link with twitch, check the authorization of the links (links disabled except for the! Clip command) and disconnect my personal bot to test the official public bot Wizebot
But nothing changes, I am annoyed because I plan to do a 24H+ stream for my birthday from tomorrow, Friday.

I put the link to my Twitch channel, thank you in advance for your help!

Channel Twitch : JAYRAW