No response from WizeBot when using !clip , !gamble


Wizebot was working well in my account without any problems… however some commands are not getting response from the BOT.

Example: !gamble , it used to work however noone can do it, i already checked that is ENABLED.
!clip is not longer working, i can run a test and see it in my stream, then no response from Bot.

My Channel is twitch/roccovzg

Regarding the game “Gamble”, you have activated the option that disables all games on this page:

(First option).

Regarding the clips, they are well created according to the history, but it is possible that at the time of the creations Twitch had problems of API, which prevents the display of the links in the Chat.

Test again at your next live.

Thanks for the support about the !gamble , is now working.

About the !clip API, its working but sometime, is not stable. I will be monitoring this! thanks for the support this can be closed.

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