Can i get a command code translated from nightbot to wizebot?

I’m trying to add the 8ball command to a streamer’s chat i mod for, but it seems the code is made specifically for nightbot and i have no coding experience. Is there anyone here that could possibly translate it?

The 8ball on Wizebot is done directly this way:

WizeBot, will you win the game?

A question with “WizeBot” and a “?”

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Does this only work with “WizeBot” as name, or does the bot also listen to the custom name in case the custom name/account is assigned?

As far as I know, just the names WizeBot!


That is maybe a feature for the todo-list, because when you offer the custom name, the bot should react at this custom name, too (because if only the custom name is used, only very experienced viewers will knows that wizebot is behind it, the normal viewer will use the current (custom) botname).

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