Announcements intervals?

I try to setup 4 different automated announcements each after 15/30/45/60 minutes. How to prevent the first announcement (15 minutes interval) sent as the same time as announcement 2 (30 minutes interval), 3 (45 minutes interval) and 4 (60 minutes interval)? Is it possible to put the first announcement on hold till the last announcement is sent?


You can only create three ads at a time.
It is normal that all your ads end up overlapping.
However, if you want them to appear one after the other with a 15 minute delay between each, you can write them in a single ad but with a line break between each.
This will ensure that they are read one by one within the time frame you have chosen.

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Hi Kiwi,

thank you very much for your answer and the infos. Is it possible for you to give me an example, how to do this single “ad” with line breaks? I guess this would solve my problem. Thanks a bunch in advance.

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A little push.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Do you have the name of the channel?
I will try to explain, but I would like to have a look at the announces you have already created :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience.

Here is a screenshot that explains the configuration:

The list is also present on your account under the name “Example List (From Support)”, it is disabled :slight_smile:

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