Anounces suddenly stop working


I set up a new announcement assigned to a concrete game.
And, now, no one of the anouncements works.

Other actions seems to work correctly, but not anouncements (no one)

What’s can be wrong?

It is very important to take into account that only 3 “lists” are taken into account during a live.

The first three “valid” lists are therefore activated.

Depending on the activation conditions, it is possible that one list is deactivated and another is activated (Minimum of viewers, game / category, etc.), but for a maximum of three lists.

The problem must come from there for your announces.

Try to combine similar announces (Same activation conditions and same frequency) in a single list and keep the other lists if they have specific activation conditions :slight_smile:

Oh… ok! thanks!

I dont try yet… but … In any case, i have some observations

If i have n lists, where n > 3, and i set one of them to get activated when i streaming one game in particular.

This particular list, must be activated always i play this game, paying no attention to all other lists, u dont think so?


The most optimal is to do like this:

Two main lists (Without restrictions) which contain the main announcements of your channels.

Then, one or more with activation conditions which are different between them (That is, a different game, a range of different viewers (Min, max) or a keyword in the title) which will therefore take the third activation.

Like this, all the announcements will be taken into account.

Later, we will add an option which will allow to define an “order” which will allow to define a priority on the lists.

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