Alert widget's variation duration driven by audio

Well I hope the subject is clear.
The duration of an alert, even if it’s been setup in the display part, is driven by the duration of the audio file.
So, if I set the alert to 8 seconds and my audio file is 1 second, the alert will be displayed 1 second.

Is it a bug or is it the normal behavior? In this last case, it’s weird.

Make sure that the option “End of alert condition” is set to “Defined duration”.

Without this, it is the media (if video) or the sound that defines the end of the alert.

Thanks for your answer @Dere011
Actualy, it’s set to “end of the media (if video)”. I don’t understand why it acts like if I had set up “end of the media (if audio)”.
I use both video and audio but it’s clear my choice should use the duration of the video source.
I will use “defined duration” but it’s a weird behavior.

OK I understand… my media file is a GIF and it’s initial duration is less than I expect for the duration of the alert. I miss that a GIF, even if looping, has a duration.
So I have to force the duration.

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