AI bot stopped responding


I use the “Artificial Intelligence” bot.
But the bot stopped responding after the following steps.
Does anyone know its cause and how to resolve it?

step 1. I sent a chat message “Hello WizeBot”.
→ WizeBot responded " Hellllo (my name)".

step 2. I replied to Wizebot’s message thread in Japanese, “元気ですか?”
→ Wizebot did not respond.

step 3. I sent a chat message “Hello WizeBot”, Again.
→ Wizebot did not respond.
After that, Wizebot will not respond to all calls.

When I called after 1 hour of step 1, Wisebot responded only once.
Then it stopped responding again.

The basic AI does not understand languages other than English / French.
It also contains a system to avoid giving the same answers over and over again (as with hello).

Only the advanced AI is able to understand and speak in other languages and have other types of interaction.

Hello, Thanks for your reply!

I had set “A.I.(Advanced)” switch to “ACTIVE”.
Could it be that the bot only responds continuously while streaming?