Watchtime Reset of a Single User!

Ayyy, writing now in English cause I think you could Answer faster Dere :wink:

So like in the Title above I want to reset a Watchtime of a Single User!
I got an Account on my Channel named Ceyloncho, got 600h Watchtime but it was my 2. Account.
He is at !topup global first. But I want to delete these.

Possible? @Dere011

You can use this page :slight_smile:

Thanks Dere for your fast Respond!
How long does it take until its refreshed at !topup global

EDIT: I think it doesnt workโ€ฆ

There was a problem indeed, it is corrected and the deletion is launched.

Wait a little half an hour, the time the cache is up to date :slight_smile:

Now its working!

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