Timers for announcements

I did not want to hijack a current post. I noticed we can set this up on the panel yet I can not seem to make it work with commands I have set. I enabled the feature at the top right and set the message limit to 10 and shortest timer. Trying to play around with it to get two of my commands to go off every so often without having to manually do it.

Is this working properly and if so is there any guide to help me get some of my commands to go off automatically? I am very interested in this because when I am offline my Wizebot is still in my chat and hoping people will follow me off twitter and enter my giveaway I have set up even while I am off my stream. Thank you very much for all the support!

Hey so far it looks like Im starting to sort it out. Was having some issues with getting the number of messages to pick up but it seems to be working on that end too. Now to get twitter integration working! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately, for issues of spam limitation. Announces are not (sended) available offline.
What is recommended is to include these announces on your “Offline” image :slight_smile:

If you have questions about Twitter integration, do not hesitate! :wink:

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