Text commands that count each time it's used?

I know this can be done because i’ve seen it done before in a friends chat but basically I’m just wondering how i’d set up a wizebot command that whenever the command is used it counts up.

For example everytime a viewer types !test Wizebot will say something like “Test has been used x amount of times”

Anyone know?


Just use the following TAG: $(cmd_count) (https://support.wizebot.tv/docs/tags) :slight_smile:

Test has been used $(cmd_count) amount of times

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I’m not sure thats what I was after.

With my friend who has this command, viewers would type “!chief”
Then wizebot would put in chat "Fuck Chief (Chief has been told this x amount of times) and it would count up each time someone used that command and update each time someone used the command

Is this still possible

Via the TAG I mentioned above.

The TAG is updated each time the command is call.

Fuck Chief (Chief has been told this $(cmd_count) amount of times)


Put this sentence as a Command to your Wizebot!


guess that was the right command then! well thanks all!

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