!sr command doesn't honor global cooldown?

As the title implies, if I enable the global cooldown of let’s say 5 seconds, chat can still request songs !sr without any cooldown.

Can you please fix this so that !sr honors global cooldown, or even better let me adjust it for this command?

Thank you, have a great Christmas!

Hello ! :slight_smile:
Global cooldown ?

If it’s global cooldown on “custom commands” you’re talking about, it only concerns custom commands.

that’s not the solution. can you please build in that !sr has a cooldown?

that would be amazing.

It’s not a solution, but it’s reality :slight_smile:

The solution in your case would be to create a custom command with “Editing a global command” type and define cooldown.

Alias: !sr / Action value: !sr
Then add the cooldown.

This type of command is designed for exactly this kind of situation.

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