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I saw in serveral big channels (Gonedoc, RajjPatel,…) that Moderators “spam” 5-6 times the channel-name of a guest into chat, to give chat the chance to follow them.

Is it possible to create a custom command, use the folllow parameter as username and repeat 5 times the same text?

Like: !commandname @username

And the result will be

Follow @username: TwitchTwitchTwitchTwitchTwitch

(the @because of the autocompletion function in Twitch, and the thing in one online cause line-break doesn’t exist within chat (irc restriction)).

Is that possible, and if: how?

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Just use it :

💜 Visit $twitch(url,$arg(1,0,1),1) to discover $twitch(display_name,$arg(1)) !

!cmd_name Dere011

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Thank you, works perfect!

Edit: Just as an extended info… The solution above works with !cmd_name User and !cmd_name @User - it filters the @ out.

Advantage is that the Twitch-Autocompletion of names works too, if @User is in the chat.

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