Random Keys in Shop: Is possible?

Hello, how are you?

I would like to know if it is possible to sell random keys (generated by me previously) in the system, as I have a minecraft server that people buy days to play with me, and I would like to automate this system using the loyalty points already existing on the platform. It would be possible? StreamElements already uses this type of service, but I would like to transfer the bot demands directly to the wize, as I purchased the paid version.

Thank you very much for your attention <3 ;

If you are talking about what I believe you are then yes. You can create a custom list under the tools tab and add all the Keys you have generated there. Turn the list to random and then lockable lines to ensure no one gets the same key. After that just go to interactions> virtual currency> and virtual shop make it pull from a list, choose the list you just made then just set a price to it. Now when your viewers go to your shop they can purchase a key randomly from the virtual shop using their virtual currency.


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