Problem with delivery of items from the store


Why wasn’t the message with the product key delivered automatically by the bot to my viewer when he redeemed the reward for the points he collected?

In the screenshot I show an example configuration.

The content of the message is covered because there is a key for another product.

The reward that was not automatically delivered in the form of a whisper to the buyer was manually delivered by me and removed from the content of the store, but there is a trace of this points transaction in the delivery history (which did not really happen automatically).

Sorry for the late reply!

It’s normal, this action sends a message to you and not to the viewer.

The best is to use the first action “Display a text”, which will display the text that you have defined to the viewer during the purchase and this text will be found in the purchase history on the external site by the viewer.

The problem is also that I on the whisper from the bot also did not get this message to be able to copy and forward to the recipient.

A fix patch has been done, tell me if the problem is now fixed :slight_smile:

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