Can't view items in the shop

Hi there,

I’ve set up everything about the shop, currency etc. but I can’t see any item displayed in the shop page. I tried live and off stream if items are getting displayed but no chance… I put different options to see if this problem is accuring in a specific item but situation is still the same.

I’m attaching how I put my items.


Can you provide me your channel name ? :slight_smile:

Hi Dere,

My channel name is: Jacoff_TV

You need to activate the virtual currency system (which is currently disabled).

Hahaha sorry for my ignorance :rofl: I just activated that and it worked.

But I wish there was an option to remove some elements from the navigation on the left side. I wish my viewers were not able to see leaderboard etc.

Thank you!

You can change “menu links” here:

WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA :wink:

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Hahaha thank you! I love how you guys have every detail! That’s why I switched to Wizebot! :smiley:

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