Need help getting started!

I have been streaming on Twitch for less than 2 months, and I am finding the overall experience to be somewhat overwhelming. Wizebot has been highly recommended but to be honest I really don’t understand much of what I’m seeing on the dashboard etc. Is there a tutorial available that somebody might recommend?


Unfortunately there are no good tutorials for the Wizebot.

The first one’s for googling, I did that for you once. Click your way through there!

But the best thing is just to set things up and try them out. Much explains itself by itself and other things you try out. I have so many endless days behind me where I went online and just asked my viewers if they could trigger the command or if I could start the game and get them on it etc. I was just a little bit too busy.


That’s what I was afraid of. But thanks for your help!

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In general, you have “helpers” (Text below the fields) present on almost all the options of the functionalities.

On our documentation, you have several documentations (For several functionalities) and the detailed description of the commands :slight_smile:

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