Import CSV file for loyalty points

Since we all know that from 16th of june revlobot will shut down i’ve been wondering if there is a way we could import the CSV file they gave us into the loyalty points that we have with wizebot <3

If you can provide us with an example of the CSV file, we should be able to set up an import system! :wink:


how can we seend you the file? I will send you my csv file if you need an example to work with.

We have all the necessary information and the import system is under development.

It will soon be available :slight_smile:

You can now find our import system on WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA



we’ve tested it, but with my csv.-file it doesn’t work … after uploading nothing happens.
Can anyone help me, please?

Can send our CSV file (Here or in private) and give me your channel name ?

Thank you.

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[details=Summary]Hi Dere011,
I can’t upload the file here, because the file format is not allowed. I’ve uploaded it to my dropbox. Here is the link: Dropbox - File Deleted.
My channel on twitch is miss_noobster.

Thanks for your help. I tried it again and again but it didn’t work :frowning:

1488 users have been imported. :slight_smile: !

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Thank you so much! Great support :slight_smile:


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