How to customize the "viewers number" command?

In “global commands” it says: “View number of viewers (+ extras)”, but there is no editing button. Can I customize it? I found “uptime” command customization, but not viewer count. Hello from Russia, thank you for answering

Hello :slight_smile:
You have all the editable texts on this page :

For this command, type “:bust_in_silhouette:” in the search bar you should find the text of the command.

Oh yes, I got it. I need have premiun account to do this. I definitely need to purchase it. Thank you man. I got 1 additional question… And if I buy 1 month premium, than change text, and then my premium will dissapear, will my text goes back to default or stay customized? Dere011 <3

Unfortunately, the end of a premium account puts the default texts back on your account.

However, the configured texts are not lost and they come back as soon as you re-subscribe a premium account.

You have the option “Premium Lite” which also allows you to get the personalization (With some advantages in less) :slight_smile:

Thank you dude. WizeBot THE BEST DEFINITELY!!!

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