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So I am new to writing commands and slowly trying to work through it. Recently I made this for my fishing game. :fish: #viewer_name# has just caught a $list(get,13556) with some gold in its mouth $currency(add,$(nick),$random(10,150)) where the list is just a list of the names of fish and and currency command randomly adds currency to the user. What I would like to do though is include how much VC the user got in the message but I dont know how to accurately demonstrate it. Is there a way to put a command in that list how much the user got from the random command accurately?


I was able to come up with a way to do this. Let me know if you have any questions.

:fish: #viewer_name# has just caught a $list(get,13556) with $currency(add,$(nick),$random(10,150),get$(nick)) $currency(name) in its mouth!


That’s right!

A small modification however in the TAG to optimize the whole:

:fish: $(display_name) has just caught a $list(get,13556) with $currency(add,$(nick),$random(10,150),1) $currency(name) in its mouth!


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Awesome this worked perfectly. Though I don’t know why it worked and I would like to learn. Can you give a quick explanation on why adding the 1 in made it read back out the randomly generated number?

It is simply the fact that the 4th argument allows to return the value added / removed if this argument is on 1.

Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA (Bottom)

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