Gamble Cooldown for a Single User?

Hey, I often use the Gamble Command for my Stream.

The Problem is that you can only set a “GLOBAL” Cooldown for the whole Chat.
Is it possible that you can add the option that only “single users” get a Cooldown.
Example: I got 2 Viewers, KTW uses !gamble and gets a 2 Minute Cooldown, but ONLY HIM. Only If the User use the Command the USER gets the Cooldown. All other People can still use the Command until they use it too.

Sorry for bad english :smiley:

You can create a custom command with the alias of the game command and use the type “Modification of a global command”.

From there you have the possibility to define a cooldown per user on this command :slight_smile:

Nice to see the Feature!
BUT this is not so easy to do.
I tested it but its not possible to add the Custom !gamble command. I dont know what to write under the Field…
which trigger and how can I tell the Command which Game I mean etc.

Concretely, like this:


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