Command - Tag a User

I know many other bots have a way to tag a user when they do a command. However I haven’t been able to figure out how to set it up for wizebot.
Like I know with nitebot you just use $(user). So I have a command !hug and if I do the command, it’ll say “MrsSleepybutt hugs you”. I’ve tried using the $(user) to target the user, but it doesn’t work. Is there another format?
Thanks in advance for any help

You can use $(display_name) (Nickname that takes over the typo defined by the user (Caps)) or $(nick) (

Eg: $(display_name) hugs you.

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Thank you, that worked. Was also wondering if there was a way to tag a specific person in chat? I saw that you can tag a random viewer.

You can use $arg(1) to capture the first word sent in the command (In the example, the nickname of a person).

Eg (!hug) : $(display_name) hug $arg(1)
Dere011 sent : !hug Kappa
=> Dere011 hug Kappa


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