Follow Alert Seems Different

I have 6 alerts set up in my alerts widget. I thought they were all set up in the same fashion, however it seems like the Follower alert is the one out. I would change it, but the same Template that I use on Raids, Subs, Re-Subs, Gifted Subs, and Bits is not available for Follower. When I run a test of the Follower alert it is the odd ball again. All of the other alerts fit nicely in the alert widget, are readable, look good… not Follower. It’s massive and only a small part of it shows in the alert overlay. It’s been awhile since I set these up originally, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

I was able to create a new variation which had the template that I was looking for. It’s still bizarre that the follower alert was set up differently than all of my other alerts when I’m fairly certain I had them all set up the same way.

There are indeed some differences with the other types of alerts, but normally one of the templates is identical to the others.

Do you have an example/clip that shows your problem? :slight_smile:

We will try to find a solution!

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