Counter that resets automatically at the end of the day

Hi! For context, I stream Art and I have a !wronglayer command that increments by 1 every time I draw on the wrong layer. I want to add a second count to it, for “how many times today”.
I found some ways to reset a command manually, but that’s one more thing I’d love to avoid adding to my stream startup checklist. For reference, I have seen this :

$custom_data(get,victory_nb) to retrieve the data, $custom_data(+,victory_nb) to add 1 to the counter, $custom_data(set,victory_nb,0) to reset the counter

Is there any way to have that “today” counter reset on its own? A potential issue I can see is “how does the command know when to reset”, and to that I see two potential fixes : defining a timezone, ideally, if possible, or telling it to reset ~12hrs after last command use.

Thanks for reading, and for any input!