Commands assigned for Subs and Ranked users

Hello Everyone,
I´m having some trouble here to find one good solution for this:

I have users that have levels and subscribers.
I want that the subscribers have the access for the commands that are ranked and other specials.
But i´m not sure exactly how to do this.
How can i apply that?

Hello @tron3dbr ,

To do this, it is very simple. You can go to “My Commands”, click on the “Advanced Configuration” of the command you want to configure, and choose one of the “Permissions” you want.

However, you can only select one option. An accumulation of rank (Subscriber + Level) is not possible at this time.

Feel free to come back to me if you have any other requests/questions.

Have a nice day,

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Thanks for the quickly reply…
I noticed now my email saying that i received a reply.
Yes, that the way that i’m using, that will be awesome to have power to give double command ( sub and level).
But now looks like is not possible. So at this time i’m using the same command with sub_Comand.

But, hope that you guys implement that someday.

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