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Is there something I can put in a command that will stop the command from being used if it is not done properly? You know how #target# call back the mentioned user is there a text like that available?
For example: The command is !rip @user Is there something I can put in the command creation to make it where if a person uses !rip without @ing a user the command will not trigger. Does that make sense? Trying my best to explain what i’m talking about lol. :upside_down_face:

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You can find all tags on the following link:

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Hello there @Dere011 :smile: I appreciate you responding.

Yes, I have visited that site, I have looked through that list of tags and have not been able to find what I was looking for. Do you know the tag? A tag to be placed in a command that prevents the command from being called into chat if it is not used properly.


!hug @user “user hugs user” !hug (no response) because they did not @ a person the command will not respond.


You can use this :

$(display_name) hugs $arg(1,0,1)

With all that, if the person does not write anything after the command, nothing will be displayed :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @Dere011 that really helped! :grin:


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