Command counter $(cmd_count) display in overlay with OBS

Hello WizeBot community.
The question is above^
How can I make current number of my command counter can be shown in my OBS overlay?
P. S. Sry for literacy, english not my native language

You have the possibility with the tool “WizeBot APP” to obtain real-time files of the commands counters.

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Im installed the APP, thx.
What should I write in text file for showing this command?
For example:
Type: !add $(cmd_count)
WizeBot: 1

You logically have nothing to do, just find the file in the folder (“Files Folder” button on the application) that contains all the files in the application.

You logically have a “counter” folder.

When I press “Files folder” button, it opens folder “live textes”, that is empty by default.
Did I miss something?

The problem is that the application is not open in “administrator mode”. Try with the administrator mode and look again at the folder.

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Yeah, that was the root of issue.
Now I see folder “datas” that contains many text files, including “wizebot_counter.txt”.
But it seems when I trying to add this file like OBS text source it shows nothing, howewer others .txt files like “wizebot_last_follow_name.txt”, “wizebot_follow_count.txt”, etc. are working fine, and shows correct names/numbers.
If I understand correct, it happens because I can have more than one command counter stated in my wizebot dashboard, for example “victories $(cmd_count)” and “losses $(cmd_count)”, so programm don’t knows what number I need to display.
So I need to write something extra data in “wizebot_counter.txt” file or what.?

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