Wizebot subscribed status to allow usage of emotes

Hi wizebot team and users,

I’m wondering how to give wizebot a tier 3 sub to my channel, to allow it to use all emotes of the channel.
Of course I don’t want to pay a tier 3 sub for it every month.
Can someone tell me how to do this ?

If you are a partner with Twitch (Non-Affiliate), you can apply directly to them (Twitch).

For affiliates, the only possibility unfortunately exists to SUB your bot yourself.

Hi @Dere011 and thanks for the answer.
So even with a premium wizebot account, this is not possible without being a twitch partner (or paying subs every month) ?

We do not have a right pass on subscriptions. If we want to subscribe our bot to a channel, we must obligatorily go through the payment :slight_smile:

Just as addition, because I read myself into this topic:


Partners may request up to 2 free permanent bot subscriptions for their channel. This will allow your bot to perform functions such as show off your channel’s emotes in chat.

Bots will automatically be granted Tier 3 ($24.99) subscriptions to your channel so they can access all of your channel’s emotes.

To request a bot be subscribed to your channel for free, please submit a request to Partner Help.

Ok thank you @wolfi_anor, I have my answer.
Thanks to both of you !

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