Uninstalling Wizebot from channel

Im struggling to get any support on this, I have tested wizebot for a couple of days and no longer require it to be in used in my channel, how do I remove it completly? As its currently sat lurking. Any help please would be very much appreciated!

I’m sorry Wizebot doesn’t fit your needs. I’m certain the Wizebot team would appreciate any feedback you might have.

If you need english language support, this forum is a great place to get it.

In order to remove Wizebot, on the main dashboard, click the “Inactive” button. Screen shot of what I’m talkin’ bout.
As you can see, it is greyed out as I am a super user for this channel, not the channel owner. Only the channel owner can disable Wizebot.

Once Wizebot has been disabled, the bot will leave your channel. There might be a delay though. I’m sure you’ll understand that I didn’t test to see how long that delay might be.

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